Midway Artist Studios

live-work space for artists, in boston's fort point neighborhood

Permanent Affordable Live-Work housing for Artists

Fundamental to the arts in Boston is a place for artists to live and work. That place is Midway Artist Studios, 89 live-work studios located in Fort Point in Boston, just a short walk from South Station.

As Boston’s largest affordable live-work building, Midway Artist Studios was established in 2005 as a place for artists to live and work affordably in Boston, when the real estate boom swept through Fort Point and displaced hundreds of working artists. Midway Artist Studios is unique and pivotal as the only remaining artist rental building in Fort Point, successfully operating for ten years. 

The rental model allows emerging artists a place to stay and work in Boston, and artists from around the world to come and work in Boston. It encourages the free flow of ideas between disciplines and generations.

In 2014, the artists organized themselves to purchase the building, making it a permanent rental artist controlled building, run by a board of directors, elected in part by the artist residents themselves.

Resident Elected Board of Directors:
Raber Umphenour
Peter Harris
Jen Mecca
Kristen Fumarola

Affordable Live-Work Rental Studios regularly become available. 

Gallery and rehearsal space on ground floor.

Studios are available in a variety of sizes and configuration ranging from 900 sq. ft. to 2300 sq. ft., and a variety of rental rates depending on your financial situation.

For Information about available studios, floor plans and rates, contact using the button below.